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William Heaps

Sage Educators Founder William Heaps graduated from Virginia Tech University with degrees in political science, international politics, and Spanish. While completing his coursework, he coached soccer, swimming, and basketball teams and served as an athletic camp director. He also studied abroad at Universidad de San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador.

William then studied history at the University of Amsterdam, earning him master’s degree summa cum laude. Back in the U.S., he became director of a prominent Washington, D.C. tutoring and test-prep company, where he was an SAT and ACT instructor, academic tutor, and homeschool teacher. While teaching subjects from American history and government to trigonometry and pre-calculus, he also trained new instructors and implemented an innovative online tutoring program.

William and his wife, Jaime, have been part of the Mill Valley community since 2007. Recognizing a need for customized tutoring and test-prep services, Jaime and William founded Sage Educators. Along with serving as Sage’s director, William specializes in math, science, and history tutoring. When not at Sage, he enjoys hiking, traveling, and volunteering as a mentor for a Bay Area youth organization.



















Jaime Heaps
Sage Educators Founder Jaime Heaps graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.A. degree in world politics and policy, French, and political science. As an undergraduate, she studied abroad at the prestigious American University of Paris and the Sorbonne. She went on to earn a master’s degree in history from the University of Amsterdam.
Following her education, Jaime accepted a position in one of the top public school systems in the U.S. As a key member of the district’s Special Education team, she coordinated Individualized Education Plans and 504 Plans for students with special needs.
Jaime and her husband, William, have been part of the Mill Valley community since 2007, when they moved here from Washington, D.C. Recognizing a need for customized tutoring and test-prep services, Jaime and William founded Sage Educators. Along with serving as Sage’s director, Jaime specializes in test-prep, organization, and study skills.
When not at Sage, Jaime can be found cooking, reading, hiking, and traveling wherever she can, from France to Ecuador.





















Rachel Byron
Rachel Byron graduated magna cum laude from Miami University, where she earned her B.S. in Exercise Science. Rachel’s dedication to education earned her President’s List and Dean’s List distinctions at Miami and enabled her to participate in the Golden Key National Honor Society, a selective organization for high-achieving college students.
Like her twin sister, fellow Sage tutor Jessica, Rachel played four years of NCAA Division I soccer on the Miami University Women’s Soccer Team. During her tenure at Miami, Rachel learned to successfully balance the demands of academics and college athletics as demonstrated by her selection to the 2010 and 2009 Academic All Mid-American Conference Team and recipient of the Mid-American Conference Commissioner’s Award for Academic and Athletic Excellence.
Rachel was born in Elkhart, IN, and has been very fortunate to travel to some amazing places. Her experiences have led her to develop a strong passion for empowering youth. She is excited about the opportunity to help kids realize their potential and is especially thrilled to be a member of the Sage team. While Rachel is not pursuing her passion for youth development, she can be found running, reading, and taking advantage of the beautiful Bay Area that she is happy to call home.



















Bill Hughes
Bill Hughes is a native of Akron, Ohio, but since 2011 he has been happy to call the Bay Area his home. He holds a B.A. in History from the University of Pittsburgh, where he was a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.
In the spring of 2013, he received his M.F.A. in Poetry from California College of the Arts. While studying at CCA, he also student-taught a writing seminar for incoming freshmen. Bill has published poems and chapbooks with several small presses and journals throughout the country.
At Sage, Bill tutors a range of academic subjects including history, writing, reading comprehension, and algebra. In his spare time, he enjoys running,
reading 19th Century French poetry, eating Thai food, and watching documentaries.

























Madison Kausen

Madison Kausen graduated from UC Berkeley in 2014 with her BA in Geography, and a minor in Political Economy. Madison is passionate about the social and political sciences, and loves that her job allows her to continue to learn everyday. Throughout college Madison was involved with a comedy acting group, Sigma Kappa Sorority, the Cal Triathlon Team, and Best Buddies Organization. More recently she has been working with LITA Organization, spending time with inpatients at a local care home.

Madison grew up in Humboldt County, a very rural area of Northern California. She loves exploring nature and running, and also spends time working out with friends at her health club. Madison loves that her job allows her to meet so many new people of all ages, and to make strong connections with students. She enjoys the creative process of teaching, and feels grateful for the opportunity to act as a mentor as well. Madison loves being part of the Marin community, especially Sage.
























Keeley White
Keeley White attended UC Berkeley as an undergraduate and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric. She recently completed a Master of Arts in English at Humboldt State University where she studied literature and composition pedagogy. She taught and tutored at HSU, and enjoys helping students to build confidence. At Sage, Keeley has proven to be a very versatile tutor. She helps a myriad of students with everything from elementary number sense and vocabulary to SSAT prep and tackling the college application essay!
Keeley grew up on the Mendocino Coast and loves to be outside and near the ocean. In her spare time, she likes to paint, draw and sew. She is very happy to be living in Marin and working with its amazing youth.


























Jackson Vanover
Motivated by the coastal redwoods and the sight of the Pacific Ocean, Jackson Vanover chose to attend the University of California at Santa Cruz. Thanks to the early inspiration provided by a stellar calculus teacher in high school, he went on to receive a degree in Computational Mathematics. Three years spent with an outdoor education program for kids in Davis, California has given him both a knack for working with youth and a love for teaching. Now out of college, Jackson is thrilled to be putting his love for math and his passion for education to good use. He hopes to allay the oft-held fear that mathematics is pointless drudgery by providing context, encouraging discovery, and just generally geeking out.
When he’s not in the office, Jackson can be found in his makeshift recording studio tracking vocals, laying down drums, tuning guitars, or putting the finishing touches on his latest piece of music.
























Austin Lim

Austin Lim recently graduated with highest honors from UC Davis, where he earned a B.A. in English and a minor in art history. Austin has had diverse experiences over the past four years: he has tutored writing and reading at a community college, interned with a publishing house in London while studying abroad, and worked with nonprofit organizations as a grant-writing assistant. Wherever he’s placed, he enjoys seeing how texts (i.e. everything we write, read, and interpret) can be tweaked to promote  communication and encourage curiosity. He’s currently considering a career in education and is excited to explore new ideas with the students he tutors.

Austin is fascinated by peculiar words, Victorian fiction, and pop music. He paints; he reads; he crafts. Right now, he’s also trying to get back into rock climbing after a hiatus of a few years. And having seen Marin’s greenery through his car window, he looks forward to going on frequent walks throughout the coming year.























Natalie Kammerman
Natalie Kammerman graduated from the University of California, Davis with a major in English and a minor in Human Development. Upon graduating, she spent a year working as an Instructional Assistant at Dixie Elementary School in Lucas Valley and worked with transitional kindergarten, third and fifth grade. After her time at Dixie, Natalie worked as Acquisitions and Editorial Assistant at Insight Editions, where she worked with other book lovers to discover and publish innovative and visually-dynamic books. Natalie is happy to be back working with students of all ages, and is in hopes of pursuing her masters in Child Development or Counseling.
When Natalie isn’t working with kids, she can usually be found with one eye glued to her Nikon’s viewfinder, and if not, she is either reading several books at once, hiking somewhere on a trail, attempting new recipes, or traveling to new places.
























Zachary Hutkin
Zachary Hutkin is a 5th year Astrophysics student at the University of California, Berkeley.  He hopes to graduate this semester.  Zachary decided to study Physics because of his love of Einstein and his propensity for trying to explain the world around him.  After two years he changed majors to Astrophysics because of its focus on relativity, a subject he is extremely passionate about.
Zachary struggled a great deal transitioning from the “plug-and-chug” emphasis of K-12 schools to the theoretical and conceptual focus of science at the college level.  He is excited to pass on what he has learned to aspiring science and math majors so that they can transition more smoothly and with less stress.  He tutored several of his peers during high school and college and he is very confident in his ability to tailor an explanation of a concept to any student.
Zachary is a die-hard Chargers fan and loves to play to football, soccer, and tennis with friends.  He has played and refereed soccer for most of his life and hopes some day to coach.
























Stephanie Johnston
Stephanie Johnston graduated from the University of Oregon with a major in Psychology and a minor in Business. During this time she also worked as a research assistant in which she studied motivational interviewing methods in child and family therapy sessions. From this experience Stephanie became interested in working with children and furthering their educational success.
Stephanie is excited to have moved to Northern California and to work with students one on one in a fun and stimulating environment.  During her free time she can be found reading, running, hiking, and exploring the city.




























Garrett Goloubow graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) with a Bachelor of Science in Physics.   Garrett hopes to attend graduate school to pursue his masters in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering. While attending UCSB Garrett researched under his professors in multiple subjects including particles, lasers, and astronomy. He also helped tutor classical mechanics at UCSB when he was an upperclassman and proctored midterms.

Garrett is happy to come back and live in Northern California to continue working with students one on one and in groups. He looks forward to making science and math clearer and more exciting. Garrett plays soccer and basketball in his spare time. His other hobbies include snowboarding, hiking, reading, and traveling.

























Lissa Baysinger

Lissa Baysinger graduated with distinction from Sonoma State University, with a double major in Mathematics and Economics. She is currently enrolled in the Single Subject Credential Program at SSU and will hopefully be teaching math at the high school level by August 2017. During her four years at Sonoma State, she taught multiple Calculus workshops and worked with incoming freshmen on their academics and transition into their college lives. She is now student teaching at Elsie Allen High School in Santa Rosa and is very excited to continue to work with students in all areas of math.
Lissa is very enthusiastic about math education and shares her love for the subject to those around her. Besides school, she enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, reading Harry Potter, and catching up on the newest Wonder Woman comics. She is a nerd and is willing to geek out to anyone who will listen.

















Bryan Fuentes

Bryan Fuentes graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Philosophy and a minor in Education. Throughout his college career Bryan has done a variety of work with youth of different ages, teaching everything from math and English, to the performing arts and beat/music production. Bryan hopes to become a secondary school teacher within the next couple years.























Alison Curtis

Alison Curtis graduated cum laude from UC Davis with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Sociology and Spanish. Her junior year she studied Spanish language and culture in Mendoza, Argentina. Upon her return to Davis, she worked at the university’s study abroad center. She has tutoring experience through the Marin Literacy Program, where she worked with a diverse range of ESL students.

Alison is excited to be back in her hometown of Mill Valley and to be working with local community. She is passionate about inspiring her students and making education accessible to everyone despite financial barriers. When she is not at Sage, Alison enjoys hiking, swimming, yoga, and listening to live music. In the future, she hopes to travel and pursue a career in clinical or counseling psychology.
































Maya Soni
Born and raised in Pasadena, CA, Maya Soni chose to attend the University of California, Davis, to pursue a B.S. in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior and a Minor in English. While at Davis, she interned at the Reproductive Sciences and Regenerative Medicine Unit at the California National Primate Research Center, worked as a kitchen employee at the student run CoHo, and also rode for UC Davis’s Hunter-Jumper Equestrian Team. Maya spent one summer studying literature abroad in Scotland and another studying and living with some of the indigenous tribes in Ecuador, while practicing her Spanish. In an age of specialization, Maya is a modern-day Renaissance woman. She has previously tutored in Biology, Calculus, and essay writing, but is comfortable teaching a plethora of other subjects, as well. Maya hopes to present material in just the right way that ignites passion in her students and a desire to further explore topics beyond the bounds the curriculum.



















Katie Siembieda is a Fairfax native and Drake High School graduate. She received her Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies and Conservation Biology at UCSC. While studying there, Katie became an intern for UCSC staff and professors working on a USDA-funded project that measured the efficacy of organic pest and soil disease management in organic strawberry farms in Watsonville. This internship helped foster Katie’s passion in studying how individual organisms and species in ecosystems function and affect each other in multitudes of ways, as well as inspired her senior thesis, which investigated the role of insectivorous birds as pest control in various farming ecosystems.

Since moving back to Marin, Katie has started to volunteer at Wildcare Bay Area; helping to rescue, nurture, and eventually release wild animals who have been orphaned or injured. She enjoys reading nonfiction books on animal behavior (especially crows, ravens, and scrub jays), evolutionary theory, and taxonomy. Aside from her passion for wildlife, Katie is an obsessed Giants fan, and can often be found discussing baseball on Reddit forums for hours, or stalking all of her favorite Giants players on Instagram.

As a Sage tutor, Katie loves helping kids realize how creativity and imagination can apply to the sciences, while helping students find learning methods that work for their unique personalities. Katie works well with students with attention-deficit problems to help them minimize distraction and approach organization and learning in a way that encourages them to embrace their unique learning styles, and not feel hindered by them.









Storm Glover

Storm Glover graduated from Sonoma State University, with a major in Economics and a minor in Mathematics. He graduated Cum Laude and received the Distinction award from the Economics department (an award based on professor nominations). Storm has a passion for teaching and currently plans to pursue a graduate degree in Economics so that he can be a professor someday. For the last two years he has worked part-time as a tutor in Santa Rosa, and he looks forward to making the transition to full time.
Storm is a Northern California native and is happy to work and live in such a beautiful area. Most of his spare time is spent riding his bicycle, cooking, or reading.  




















Randonae Rode

Randonae (“Rando”) Rode graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a major in Modern Literature and an intensive concentration on Latin Literature. Prior to UCSC, he attended Cabrillo College where he obtained an AA in English, and since then has pursued jobs in education, tutoring college students in Marxist literature at UCSC, and preaching his enthusiasm for the joys of the university (and overall academic) experience.
Rando enjoys reading and writing, expanding his home library and giving people books from said library which they will likely never read. He is especially excited in spreading his love to learn by assisting others in their own learning process, which can be as diverse and complex as the many books that fill his shelf.



















Melissa Finn

Mel is a graduate from UC Santa Cruz and holds a B.A. in Sociology. Her studies focused on youth development and psychology. Mel has been involved with Big Brother Big Sisters, Girl Scouts of the North Bay, and is currently working toward pursuing a career involving her passions of youth empowerment and the outdoors. She has become the co-director of the Sage Service Club, leading outdoor community service trips.

At Sage, Mel specializes in primary and middle school studies, including Spanish and advanced algebra, as well as organization and study skills for all levels. She is the SSAT instructor in the Larkspur Office and offers individualized support for high school applications. Mel encourages healthy and effective study habits in each session, planning and tracking each student’s progress throughout the journey. Mel grew up in Marin County and thinks it is a terrific place for outdoor adventures! In her free time, Mel loves to camp, mountain bike, hike, run, and read in the sun.

















Gabriel Sandrolini

Gabe recently graduated from University of California, Davis with a B.A. in Technocultural Studies. Gabe has a strong interest in Mathematics and History, and enjoys teaching the students of his High School alma mater. Growing up in Mill Valley and graduating from Tam High, Gabe is excited to be back teaching in his home town. One of Gabe’s greatest interests is film-making. At UC Davis, he produced a series of documentaries which focused on the declining population of bees in the West. Since High School, Gabe has been a huge supporter of live comedy. In 2013, he organized a sketch comedy showcase at The Stage Werx Theatre which brought an audience of over six-hundred people.

Through his time tutoring others in college, Gabe developed a love for teaching. At Sage, his priority is to foster a positive, friendly and conversational relationship with his students in order to bring out the best in them academically. Gabe’s teaching philosophy is to build a symbiotic relationship between the teacher and the student, one where learning is maximized through activity and feedback.
In his free time, Gabe fills his passion for baseball, art and the great outdoors. He loves to spend his nights at ballgames and his days hiking around Marin with friends.